For the past 2 months I have been subscribed to the Love With Food Deluxe box.


I have filmed unboxing videos for the October & November 2016 boxes, the videos will be linked at the end of this post.

I thought it was about time I wrote a review my experiences with this subscription so far, I purchased this box myself and all opinions are my own.


I am enjoying the surprise every month of a box full of treats which so far I have found to be very tasty and of great quality. “Snacks are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk”- all Gluten Free boxes are 100% Gluten Free of course.

The gamble with a subscription box is not getting to choose the items so there can always be flavours that don’t appeal- I can always find someone in m household to eat them if they are not to my tastes! The items have so far had long dates on them and have always arrived in great condition.

I love that these boxes are pretty healthy which makes for a guilt free snacking experience, I also think the pricing is very reasonable and I also love that for each box you purchase they donate a meal to a child in need.

The boxes available are-

Tasting Box $7.99 8+ Snacks per box (only available in the US) 1 meal donated to children in need

Deluxe Box $16.50 16-20 Snacks per box 2 meals donated to children in need

Gluten Free Box $19.99 10-12 snacks per box 2 meals donated to children in need

Shipping is free within US & $5.99 for international customers (this is an introductory offer)


This only really applies to international customers and as I order this from the UK this applies to me too.

Love With Food credit your account with points each month that you are subscribed and for leaving reviews of the items in the boxes.

The points can be used to order items from their online shop- the online shop will only ship to addresses within the USA meaning that customers from other countries cannot use their points- making them pretty pointless!

I have emailed Love With Food who have assured me that engineers are working on setting it up so international customers can redeem their points at the online store- I received this reply a month ago and its still not set up….. hopefully they will fix this issue soon and then I’ll be even more pleased with my subscription!

💸If you would like to get $5 off your first box click this link and sign up using the discount code 💸

Here’s the October 2016 unboxing…..

And the November 2016 unboxing…..

Have you tried the Love With Food box? If so what do you think?